Integrating with BPM and Back Office Systems

The eg operational intelligence software suite is designed to operate in either a ‘stand alone’ or integrate with existing BPM and other back office systems adding the extensive benefits of workforce optimization.

By integrating eg operational intelligence with your existing BPM and other back office systems managers are able to view real-time management information for the entire end to end process through a single dashboard for all operations, a single case, process or department in addition to adding processes for work items not managed through a BPM system.

Existing back office systems are also inputs to the the real-time work management process to support current or legacy products and services.

  • ERP Systems
  • BPM Systems
  • Case Management Systems
  • Line of Business Applications

  • CRM Systems
  • ECM Systems
  • Document / Image Management Systems
  • Straight Through Processing (STP) Systems

Complementing BPM Systems

Whilst BPM systems are designed to automate and report on processes and manage documents, they do not address processes managed by the workforce outside of the BPM system. As a result the management and monitoring of individual and team activities and performance is incomplete.

Many eg customers run the eg operational intelligence suite alongside their existing BPM systems, enjoying between 20% – 40% guaranteed operational efficiency (cost saving or additional capacity) benefits, plus improved customer satisfaction, compliance, employee engagement and motivation.