eg operational intelligence software suite overview

No matter how efficient a customer contact centre or front office is, the overall customer experience, compliance and operational efficiency depends increasingly on the performance of the back office operations.

The role and structure of back office operations are rapidly transforming into virtual organisations dispersed over many locations, time zones, home and mobile workers receiving work from multiple physical and digital channels.

eg operational intelligence software suite

Cloud based and modular by design the eg operational intelligence software suite is considered the most comprehensive workforce optimization suite for the back office and backed by over 25 years of industry experience.

Used by many leading companies in multiple sectors including financial services, BPO services, utilities, and government, eg operational intelligence is proven to improve customer service, operational efficiency and compliance while reducing costs by create additional capacity from existing resources.

eg operational management methodology

Together with eg operational management methodology implementation services and accredited training programs eg guarantee between 20-40% operational efficiency improvements.

eg operational management methodology is designed to transfer industry best practice to team and departmental managers enabling them to embed operational changes into the organization to reduce cost, improve customer service and evidence compliance.

Guaranteed Operational Efficiency Improvements

When complemented with eg operational management methodology and accredited training services eg will guarantee improvements in operational productivity of between 20 – 40%.

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Guaranteed productivity improvements

Control, Optimize & Improve

Free more capacity from existing resources and reduce costs

The eg operational intelligence software suite enables operational managers to control, optimize, forecast and continously improve back office processes in real-time irrespective of location reducing costs by freeing more capacity from existing resources.

Real-time management information provides a single view of all operations enabling operations managers to take corrective action quickly and rebalance incoming tasks with the skills and availability of back office resources irrespective of their location.

 eg software suite benefits

Real-time Work Management

Monitor operations and meet SLAs

The eg operational intelligence software suite uniquely supports real-time work management allowing ‘line balancing” across multiple locations and channels.

All work items, irrespective of channel, are automatically assembled in real-time into a centralized queue identified by type, priority and estimated process time based on pre-defined and configurable rules.

In-depth, real-time, historic and predictive management information helps forecasting, capacity planning, quality, operations, compliance and customer experience professionals gain more insight to monitor and meet targets leading to increased productivity, profitability and compliance.

What is real-time work management?

eg mobile

Supporting mobile workers and managers on the move

eg mobile extends the use of eg operational intelligence to workers on the move to provide consistent work allocation & performance management across all teams and enables the whole workforce to collaborate to achieve faster and more accurate customer service.

Supporting operations managers – eg mobile provides configurable notifications and alerts, real-time KPI and SLA performance dashboards including team members, teams or the entire operation, allocations and work queues.

Supporting mobile workers – eg mobile allows users to update their availability, location and attendance. Notifications of tasks to be completed can be received and processed in addition to being able to initiate follow-on processes.

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Strategic Planning and Forecasting

No more spreadsheets

eg forecasting, with integrated capacity planning solutions, represents a step change in operational forecasting and simulations.

Designed to simulate and model future demands on volumes, service level agreements and resource capacity.  Once implemented forecasts models can be measured against actual operations to enable ‘in flight’ adjustments to ensure optimum efficiency.

eg forecasting is a next generation multi-user forecasting application enabling all contributors to contribute to a single forecast model removing the reliance on multiple version spreadsheets being emailed between departments.

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Working with BPM and back office systems

View all operational process from a single view

BPM systems are designed to automate and report on processes and manage documents, but do not address processes managed by the workforce outside of the BPM system. As a result the management and monitoring of individual and team activities and performance is incomplete.

Integrating eg operational intelligence with a BPM or other back office applications provides a single comprehensive end to end view of all processes.

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Proven, Scalable, Configurable

100,000 +

licences worldwide

Cloud Services

Secure cloud deployments

7 Languages

Support global operations

Supporting Global Operations

The eg operational intelligence software suite is available in multiple languages. Users of different languages are able to co-exist within the same implementation.

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Downloads & Resources

Browse our library of downloadable case studies, infographics, industry solutions and data sheets.

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What would back office workforce optimisation ever do for me?

Benefits by Role

The benefits of workforce optimization for the back office stretches across many roles and departments.

Explore the ‘what would back office workforce optimisation ever do for me’ infographic to view examples for each role and department.

Real-time work management?

Multi-channel real-time automatic or manual work allocation is key to operational efficiency and performance management?

We’ve put together an infographic to explain the main benefits of eg real-time work management.

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