Life & Pensions

Life & Pension Administration

The introduction of new regulations providing greater freedom and flexibility to customers to plan their own pensions are placing unprecedented demands on pension providers.

eg software and services are helping contain the cost of pension administration while improving customer experience and compliance.

Many customers have been able to break down the walls between teams working on individual ‘books’ releasing greater capacity within existing resources to meet the increase in demand.

Life & Pensions

Business functions supported include:

  • Pension encashment and withdrawal
  • Claims assessment and processing
  • Customer complaints management
  • New policy underwriting
  • Policy administration and servicing
  • Policy maturity and closure administration
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Fraud identification and investigation
  • Personal and employee pension administration

Featured Case Study: Capita Life & Pensions


Capita Life and Pensions Service use eg operational intelligence suite to provide back office optimisation for client’s back office operation.

eg solutions were the selected software partner to support Capita Life and Pensions Service in managing a client’s back office initiative around the mapping and changes to back office work flow.


All customer journeys are measured within a defined end-to-end service level, information can be drilled down to minute detail and valuable insight is now accessible throughout the organisation.

Reports are also formally discussed on a daily basis in order to provide consistent level of service across all customer journeys.


  • Successfully mapped the customer journey and planned resources in the back office to cut processing time by 29%
  • Reduced chaser & repeat calls to achieve a 50% efficiency saving
  • The supply and demand management team have successfully adapted front office disciplines into the back office.

Efficiency Saving

eg’s Life & Pension customers have achieved benefits including:

  • Improved work throughput
  • Between 20% – 40% productivity improvements – guaranteed
  • Increased employee effectiveness and efficiency
  • Reduced operating cost
  • Improved quality, reduced error and rework
  • Fact-based workforce modelling and capacity planning
  • Individual and team monitoring, ability to evidence compliance
  • Reduced backlogs
  • Visibility over the end-to-end customer journey
  • Real-time, historic and predictive management information

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Pension Power – green light for savers to grab their pension pot

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