Desktop Analytics

Desktop Analytics

Desktop analytics provides real-time and historic visibility through the automatic capture, tracking and analysis of application usage to identify process, compliance and operational inefficiencies.

Desktop Analytics is optional feature of the eg operational intelligence software suite. Information captured by desktop analytics is used to refine processes, embed best practice, reduce wastage, evidence compliance and optimize the allocation of both planned and real-time work.

Process Cycle Time

Consistent measurement, regardless of system, of processes, tasks across agents and teams irrespective of location

Application Usage

Tracking of user activity of software applications measuring related productivity against key metrics of time, processes and costs

Process Intelligence

Using information captured to improve processes and compliance, embed best practice and reduce waste.

Key features and benefits include:-

  • Tracking of end-user productivity measured by customer, people, processes and costs.
  • Process cycle time captured regardless of system, process, job role or location.
  • Features ‘variable automation’ – the ability to capture data in real-time, from any desktop application.
  • Requires no system integration or IT involvement to set-up.  All information captured can be configured by business users to satisfy the individual organizational and processes requirements including user prompted capture forms.
  • Application support costs by reducing system down time and problem resolution cycles.
  • Provides application analysis to troubleshoot system performance issues, bottlenecks and staff training needs to ensure rapid problem resolution.
  • Application event triggers record all user interactions direct from the employee desktop in real-time. No modifications to application software are required.
  • Captures the organization’s business processes through activity and process tracking to diagnose the root cause of failures and/or bottlenecks in existing processes.

Real-time efficient data capture

Desktop analytics automatically captures and reports multi-level information on agent and team activity identifying non-productive activities and process steps through direct integration with desktop applications.

Activity information not captured via an integration within an application can be captured through additional user prompts and simple on-line forms.

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