Infographic – Real-time work management explained

Infographic – Real-time work allocation explained


Work is captured from multiple channels and systems and assembled into a single queue


Each task is analysed and prioritised according to preset rules.


Tasks are associated with customer information held on back office systems (optional)


Tasks are automatically or manually allocated to the best resource according to backlog, skill and availability to meet SLA and other targets


Data is automatically collected on progress and employee activity to provide a real-time view of all operations


NEW – the benefits of eg operational intelligence suite now supports mobile workers via eg mobile


Real-time management information available for reports, alerts, notifications and dashboards also available on mobile devices via eg mobile


Real-time, historic and predictive management information is available for KPI measurement, process, team, individual and SLA performance. Information is also linked to eg forecasting for  forecasting and capacity planning

The eg operational intelligence software suite supports real-time work management and allocation monitoring and reporting on:-

  • all incoming work irrespective of its source
  • all back office resource availability, capacity, backlog / inventory, skills irrespective of location
  • end to end cases, process, individual, team and departmental performance

The key is real-time work management

Work received through multiple channels is analyzed and prioritised by type, priority and process time assembled into a single queue.

  • Customer information / attribute information is associated with each task via links to back office systems (optional).
  • The system can then ‘line balance’ by comparing the work queue with the available resources including mobile workers for optimum performance.
  • Tasks are then allocated automatically or manually by matching agent / team or mobile worker based on individual based on availability, competency (skills), workload / backlog and location.

Rich Management Information

  • Each task is monitored through the end-to-end process to measure and report against service level agreements, process and multiple performance indicators (KPI’s).
  • Real-time dashboards, management reports and audit trails are available to report on cost, quality, performance and to evidence compliance
  • Alerts, notifications and dashboards are also available to mobile and tablet devices via eg mobile

Forecasting, Audit Trails and Capacity Planning

  • Information is constantly gathered by the system to feed into the eg forecasting for future forecasting / capacity planning providing real-time, historic and predictive views for process and resource optimization.
  • Audit trails allow individual cases to be tracked showing how teams and individuals have adhered to processes for business and compliance alignment.

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What would back office workforce optimization ever do for me?

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