eg operational intelligence software suite benefits

The ability to forecast, simulate, monitor, allocate and balance incoming work with back office workforce skills, capacity and availability delivers significant improvements to customer service levels, compliance, cost management  and operational efficiency.

Guaranteed to deliver between 20% – 40% productivity improvements, the benefits of the eg operational intelligence software suite extend to many other business functions.

Explore the Benefits

Proven to raise customer satisfaction, increase operational efficiency and evidence compliance, the eg operational intelligence software suite is designed to be both scalable and configurable to meet individual customer requirements.

Operations Management

Consistency in management of work, people and performance leading to world-class operational management.

Customer Experience

Enhanced, united and proactive customer service based on predictive needs and improved SLA achievement.

Reporting and Analytics

Consistent historical, real-time and predictive multi-level operational intelligence analytics gathered from teams and processes delivered to desktops and via eg mobile to tablet and mobile devices.

Quality, Risk & Compliance

Visibility and transparency of process adherence for quality monitoring, fraud detection, corrective action, penalty avoidance and evidencing compliance.

Workforce Planning

Forecast, simulate and monitor resources, workload, capacity, skills of individual product lines and   supporting complex multi-stage processes. Support for blended, cross functional strategic workforce planning.

Strategic Planning

Assists in the formulation of future / planned operating models.  Helps align the planning process towards blended operations and a virtual back office.

Process Improvement

Faster processing of customer requests, reduced rework and backlogs. Assists continuous process improvement and compliance through proactive management of end to end processes.

HR & Training

Measurement of business performance effectiveness of training. Work distribution monitoring and real-time employee feedback leading to objective and fair performance management.