Infographic: eg forecasting

The new eg forecasting application module represents a step change in forecasting and capacity planning.

  • Model future demand together with historic operational data to create scalable and granular forecasts.
  • The creation of a single, collaborative, multi-user model for each plan ends the reliance on complex spreadsheets emailed between departments.
  • Forecast models can be created for single product lines, departments or the entire customer operations.

Demand Drivers

  • Each forecast can comprise of multiple business perspectives containing demand drivers feeding the demand, supply and resource models. Fine tuning and adjustments can be made creating ‘what if’ simulations against planned resources, skills and availability.
  • Capacity plans can be created to support each forecast model predicting service and team resources based on multiple simulation parameters enabling short term local and intraday planning.

Powerful Simulations

  • Powerful simulations predict the effect on key KPIs including SLA performance, costs, and process targets.
  • Service and team resource/capacity can be simulated based on multiple permutations of parameters including effectiveness, skills, received volumes and availability.

Real-time Plan Monitoring

  • Each plan can be measured against real-time operational management information generated by eg work manager.
  • Continuous simulations based on actual performance to date and future projections allows for ‘in-flight’ operational adjustments’ to be made.

To fully appreciate the power and flexibility of eg forecasting please contact us for more information and a demonstration.