Strategic Planning & Forecasting

Strategic Planning and Forecasting

eg forecasting, with integrated capacity planning represents a step change in strategic planning and forecasting.

eg forecasting has been designed to simulate and model future volumes, service level agreements and resource capacity.

With an ever increasing focus on effective planning to meet customer demand, eg forecasting provides the ability to create sophisticated Demand & Supply models that demonstrates the impact on service level achievement under variable scenarios.

A single forecast model – no more spreadsheets?

Historically back office forecasting has been completed using a complex array of spreadsheets and a similar approach to front office forecasting where historical completed volumes are used as the basis for future forecasts.

This approach can prove costly compromising the accurancy of forecasts as the use of completed volumes can incorporate hand-offs, rework and failure demand activities can inflate supply calculations.

eg forecasting is able to take a new approach by examining the key Business Drivers and then building these into a demand profile that takes into account the expected customer process volumes and the end-to-end activities required to complete those requests.

Powerful Forecasting Simulations

eg have introduced a powerful new simulation engine, enabling multiple business cases, past trends and predictions to be layered and modified to demonstrate the effect on the eventual resource plan.

Versions of the forecast model can be saved for reference purposes, each predicting SLA, resource and throughput achievements through ‘what if’ scenario modelling.


Demand Profiling: Simulate forecasts based on business perspectives and their related demand drivers


Resource Planning: View and amend the team’s resource information to meet the forecasted demand

Intra-day Capacity Planning: Support team and task based activities to provide short range and intraday throughput

Plan versus forecast? No problem!

Once a forecast and resource plan has been agreed and put into production, a real-time comparison can be made showing how the eventual plan will play out.

This provides the opportunity to make modifications and further modelling options for ‘in-flight changes’.

Benefits include:

  • Single model:
    – multi-departmental input
    – eliminate spreadsheets
  • ‘What-if’ scenario modelling
  • Process & SLA simulation
  • Reduce resource costs
  • Improved SLA performance
  • Reduced planning costs and effort

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