Technology Partners


As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, eg ensures that its technologies constantly adapt to suit the needs of its customers. eg use the Services Labs at Microsoft to make sure that egs operational intelligence is compatible with the most recent Microsoft releases and certified through their independent product certification process plus stress test the performance and scalability of our software.

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Cicero Inc. is a leading global provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM) and integration technologies. eg and Cicero Inc are partners through an OEM agreement to bundle Cicero’s desktop integration and automation technology with the eg operational intelligence software suite.

eg work manager data capture powered by Cicero, enables users to monitor specific end-user activity and collect data from agents desktops as part of back office optimisation software suite.  It uses application event triggers to record all interactions straight from the desktop in real-time to better understand performance and service and to identify where and why issues occur within an operation. It then transforms the events into a process context to capture process and performance activities to drive process improvement.