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Case Study: Capita Life & Pensions

Capita Life and Pensions Service use eg work manager to provide back office optimisation for client’s back office operation.

Find out how eg helped Capita to gain complete visibility of processes and performance, successfully map the end-to-end customer journey and plan resources in the back office.

Results Summary

  • Successfully mapped the customer journey and planned resources in the back office to cut processing time by 29%
  • Reduced chaser & repeat  calls to achieve a 50% efficiency saving
  • The supply and demand management team have successfully adapted front office disciplines into the back office.

“The project has made a clear impact. As an organisation we can fully measure and deliver the end-to-end customer journey within agreed parameters and as a result have experienced less waste demand. By better planning and placement of staff across front and back office (to hit peaks and troughs) we can deliver this benefit with less people, making us more effective”

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