In her final week at eg Founder and Chief Executive Elizabeth Gooch shares with us the keys to the success of eg solutions plc

#5 One totally amazing, 100% lovable eg team!

November 3rd, 2017

Elizabeth Gooch MBE Founder and CEO of eg solutions plc

“I wanted to save this blog until my last day, but of course my team are really “my first, my last, my everything”! Nothing that I or eg have achieved could have been done without the blood sweat and tears of some very special people indeed. We have shared some truly amazing times, great laughs, tears, and even scrapped like family, but we always come through stronger. They have worked through the night when they have had to and travelled the globe delivering great results for our customers. In turn, we have been very lucky to have the support of their families too – the extended eg family.

“Companies talk about “culture” and “values” but at eg these are tangibly evident. People who visit us often say “there is something going on here!”. Yes, very hard work is going on at eg. We are pragmatists, sleeves rolled up, no-nonsense kind of people and we all believe in and love what we do. Some of us are not as physically “fit, fast and flexible” as we used to be, but we still go the extra mile every day! Others have an unusual penchant for dressing up (check out our website for more on that) while raising LOTS of money for charity – how we have laughed!

“And now the next generation is coming through with all of their vibrancy and amazing ideas – us “old lags” have been learning a thing or two from them too. One of the proudest moments for me at eg was winning an Outstanding Employer Award from the Sunday Times, Best Companies Awards, and then winning it again the following year. I am so grateful to my team for those awards in particular. True recognition of my personal belief that happy customers and happy people come before money.

eg-ers who have left us have gone on to have amazing careers. Many starting their own businesses, encouraged by our entrepreneurial spirit, going on to do well for their own customers and themselves too.

“Over the years, we been supported by some great investors who have also become part of the eg family; Ken Wotton at Livingbridge, Guy Feld at Hargreave Hale, Chris Hutchinson at Unicorn and Katie Potts at Herald. Together with a network of advisers including Corporate Financial Adviser, John Snead, Anne Lakin at RSM, Rob Lawley at the Department of International Trade, Richard Merrin of Spreckley PR and Financial PR, Simon Bloomfield. We have also been supported by some great partners; Bob Krakauer of Aspect (and beyond), John Broderick of Cicero, Andy Dawson of Curium and our great accounting team in India, QX. All people who have supported me through thick and thin (especially when the going got rough) over many years!

“And so it just remains for me to say thank you to everyone for giving me this amazing career! I have enjoyed every minute (well almost) and have some great memories. Leaving eg is one of the hardest things I have ever done – it wasn’t planned, but at least it hasn’t been drawn out!

“My very final thank you is to my daughter, who has given me the freedom to run this amazing company without complaint for all of her life. I said to her that leaving eg is like my second child leaving home. “No mom” she said “eg was our first!”.

“I wish my amazing team at eg and everyone who has supported us on our journey, success, health and happiness.

“The future is ours for the making – and I will be making mine pink, naturally!”

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