In her final week at eg Founder and Chief Executive Elizabeth Gooch shares with us the keys to the success of eg solutions plc

#3 A Recipe for Success

November 1st, 2017

Elizabeth Gooch MBE Founder and CEO of eg solutions plc

“Rather than being an afterthought, our implementation and training methodology was actually invented first.

“The eg principles of operational management™ are based on production management practices used in industry.

“Three key disciplines from industry are the key to success: capacity planning, short interval scheduling and line balancing. These were tailored for the service sector, built into the 7 step process for managing™ and embedded into our software.

“The 7 steps can be delivered as a standalone training and development programme for Managers and Team Leaders, with accreditation from the ILM, but the software drives consistency of application and ensures ongoing sustainability, avoiding what we call “the sun bed effect” (the nice warm glow that quickly fades when the trainer walks away!).

“So to deliver real return on investment it is better delivered along with the software as a total solution in one delivery.

“Many of our customers have used this as their first step on the road to operational excellence and every year come together at our Ops Ex awards to showcase their achievements. And their results just keep on getting better and better.

“Why do we call it a recipe? Because the results achieved directly correlate to following the 7 steps. Miss an ingredient out or substitute it with something else and the results change accordingly, and to quote Mary Berry “if you follow a good recipe you will always get success”!”

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