In her final week at eg Founder and Chief Executive Elizabeth Gooch shares with us the keys to the success of eg solutions plc

#1 Customer Focus

30th October, 2017

Elizabeth Gooch MBE Founder and CEO of eg solutions plc“From the very beginning a deep understanding of our “customer” has defined what we do at eg. It stems from my own personal mission to make a difference and deliver value in everything I do – there is no such thing as “something for nothing” after all. So it has always been very important to understand who our customer is and the problems they experience every day. By solving these problems we could deliver value to the people we serve.

“Coming from an operational background I knew what “problem” I wanted to solve; management needing to improve profitability and get more out of less; their teams doing their best to achieve this, while satisfying customer needs and maintaining compliance at the same time.

“Key to our success has been our ability to understand both of these customers as well as the approvers in technology and procurement. Any company can hire “consultants” and “sales people”, professionals in their field but not necessarily expert in the problems they are trying to solve. At eg we hired the majority of our people from the same background as our customers, people who deeply and personally understood the problem we wanted to solve, and then we trained them in the skills they needed for their role. They have the eg “bed side manner” based on true empathy with the customer and their problem.

“The majority of the eg team has “walked in the shoes” of our user community and, as suppliers to them, have personally championed their cause. Our role has been to improve performance amongst people who are already doing their best. No one comes to work to do a bad job. But, by giving them the right tools and training, over 150,000 people in Customer Operations teams across the world have been able to show their managers what they can really do – delivering the results their senior management need to achieve their goals!

“The greatest sense of achievement I have felt at eg is when I hear our users say “look what we have achieved”. There have been many magical moments in over 2000 implementations of our software and best practice principles. The magical feeling has never faded and will never be forgotten.

“It has been an honour to serve the many thousands of customers who use our solutions every day. To witness the dramatic improvements in customer service, quality and productivity that they have delivered, the tangible cost savings their management have been able to realise as a result, but most of all to serve some truly wonderful people in Customer Operations teams in so many countries and across many sectors.

“Together we have developed world class operational capability, created a new technology sector and an industry that supports it, delivered some amazing results, had great fun and become lifetime friends too!

“That feels like a good return on investment to me!”

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