Desktop Analytics – real-time efficient data capture

eg work manager® data capture is an additional module within the eg operational intelligence® software suite to gain real time operational visibility by allowing you to capture, track and analyse user activities at the desktop to realise process and operational inefficiencies.

In order to better understand performance and service to identify where and why issues occur within an operation, eg work manager® data capture enables automatic capture of real-time data from the desktop. It identifies and records events and values from any field in any application in use or on a user’s desktop.

It tracks and analyses the detailed content and substance of every activity and interaction staff have with the systems available from the desktop at three levels:

  • Infrastructure
  • Applications
  • End-user activity

Benefits of real-time efficient data capture – view the downloadable datasheet.

eg work manager® data capture can provide significant financial returns on investment through:

  • Tracking of end-user productivity by providing a full range of metrics covering customers, people, processes and costs.
  • Process Cycle Time is highlighted by consistent measurement across an operation, regardless of system, process, job role or geographical location using automated multi channel capture.
  • Reduction in training costs by highlighting knowledge gaps and training impact analysis.
  • Application support costs by reducing system down time and problem resolution cycles to improve the customer experience
  • Application Performance and Usage Analysis – identify application problems that decrease customer satisfaction
  • End-user adoption can improve quality, end-user productivity and customer efficiency.

It can work with any existing desktop analytics product or can be supplied by eg as part of the product licence.

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