eg’s Company Charity

The Doornkop Needy Children’s Centre (DNCC) was established in August 2002 and situated in Snakepark, a poverty stricken area of Soweto. DNCC was set up by two concerned mothers who were aware of the fact that there were many children in need of a crèche facility and care. They approached the community and secured permission to use a local church as a gathering point to look after 160 children.

The centres main aim is to provide 160 children underprivileged between the ages of 0-5 with safety, shelter, clothing, education, love and medical aid from Monday to Friday.

Each year eg donates a minimum of R60,000 (£4,000) to the DNCC. R19,022.40 of this donation will be used to supply the children with daily portions of e-pap for a year. The rest will provide help with various ‘In Kind’ donations:

  1. Toys, clothes and food
  2. An outing for the children
  3. Learning materials – alphabets, numbers etc.

You can Sponsor a child or alternatively email for more details.

DNCC are registered as a non-profit organisation.  Non-Profit Organisation Number: 025-093