Free Site Survey

A no obligation, no risk opportunity to evaluate the guaranteed operational productivity gains, customer service, compliance and efficiency improvements that the eg operational intelligence software suite would deliver to your organisation.

Your 1st step to guaranteed increased operational productivity, improved customer service, efficiency and compliance

The free site survey process

A 3 to 4 week process consisting of the following steps:-

1) Pre-Survey Information Gathering and Review


Telephone interview to understand customer drivers & objectives, requirements and feeds.

Determine the key shareholders, organisational structures, roles, FTE headcount and existing back office systems.

2) Operational Management & Intelligence Review

On-site | 1-2 days

Survey to determine the current availability and use of management information and processes to manage operational performance, customer service, compliance (where appropriate), quality and productivity.

3) Collate and Analyse Site Survey Findings


Off-site analysis of the results of site survey. Gap analysis of current operational management information, processes, capacity analysis, systems analysis and comparison to the eg best practice model. Preparation of presentation.

4) Present Site Survey Findings to Stakeholders

On-site | 1 day

Presentation of findings to key stakeholders. Operational improvement recommendations, investment, timescales and management involvement required to implement an eg solution, together with the guaranteed benefits.

Key benefits include:-

  • No risk, no obligation expert evaluation of current back office operations
  • Confirm in advance the benefits including guaranteed productivity gains before you buy
  • Calculate solution Return On Investment plus fixed cost, fixed time-scale implementation service
  • Evaluate the quality of eg service