Finalists for the 2016 eg operational excellence® awards

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Finalists for this year’s eg operational excellence awards have now been announced.

The Awards recognise outstanding contributions made by individuals and teams across our international client base in optimising back office performance through using the eg operational intelligence software suite and/or the eg principles of operational management.

“The eg operational excellence awards reward the hard work and success of Team Leaders, Managers and their teams across our international client base. The awards started back in 2003 and have grown each year in those that we recognise and in the standard of entries. All those shortlisted should feel extremely proud to be recognised for their excellent demonstration of operations management best practice.”

Elizabeth Gooch, Chief Executive Officer, eg solutions

Company Award

Best Practice Operational Excellence

  • Capita CLPSI
  • Capita Local Government Business Services (incl West Sussex)
  • Capita MetLife
  • Legal & General Insurance

Team Awards

Best Practice Operational Team of the Year

  • Middle Office Team – Capita AXA
  • Frameworks Team – Capita CLPSI
  • The 5 Councils – Capita Local Government Business Services
  • Bexley Processing (Assessment / Maintenance) – Capita Local Government Business Services
  • Capita Fast Track Claims Team – Capita Royal London (Manchester Operation)
  • Collections – Geoban UK
  • ING Customer Domain Unit – ING Bank N.V.
  • Front End Servicing Team – Legal & General Mature Savings
  • Payments Processing – Nationwide

Best Practice Operational Forecasting & Planning

  • CLPSI Forecasting & Planning Team – Capita CLPSI
  • Vegas Planning & Forecasting Team – Capita Local Government Business Services
  • Retail & FCO Command Centre Team – Geoban UK

Best Practice Operational Intelligence & Analytics

  • MI Team – Capita CLPSI
  • Vegas Team – Capita Local Government Business Services
  • Capita TVL Project Team – Capita TV Licensing
  • Business Performance Reporting Team – Legal & General Mature Savings

eg Intelligent Operations Management Technical Award

  • Vegas eg Implementation Team – Capita Local Government Business Services
  • Process Launcher Integration – Geoban UK

Individual Awards

Best Practice Manager

  • Andy Gunn – Capita CLPSI
  • Zeb Badr – Capita Local Government Business Services
  • Stacey Godley – Capita West Sussex
  • Leanne Carter – Geoban UK
  • Nicola Jeremy – Nationwide
  • Mike Essam – Zurich Financial Services (Corporate Risk)

Best Practice Team Manager

  • Lorraine Ryan – Capita CLPSI
  • Pierre LeCras – Capita Local Government Business Services
  • Craig Savage – Capita Royal London (Manchester Operation)
  • Karen Whitham – Capita Royal London (Manchester Operation)
  • Alison Adams – Geoban UK
  • Ty Raczkowski – Legal & General Mature Savings
  • Vicky Ludbrook – LV=
  • Sarah Beckett – Nationwide
  • Sam Castle – Nationwide

Most Improved Team Manager

  • Jacqueline McEwan – Capita CLPSI
  • Claire Perkins – Capita Local Government Business Services
  • Emily May – Capita West Sussex
  • Matt Ebeling – Legal & General Insurance
  • Scott Desborough – Nationwide
  • Alex Anderson – Nationwide
  • Sue Mills – Tesco Bank

Best Newcomer Team Manager

  • Janine Gray – Capita Local Government Business Services
  • Tracy Walsh – Capita Royal London (Manchester Operation)
  • Jenny South – Capita Royal London (Manchester Operation)
  • Adam Hayden – Capita TV Licensing
  • Angela Garnham – Capita West Sussex
  • Bethan Watts – Capita West Sussex
  • Jane Heaton – Geoban UK
  • John Edwards – Legal & General Mature Savings
  • Shelly Pye – LV=
  • Sarah Roberts – Nationwide
  • Dean Harrison – Tesco Bank
  • Harriet Bramley – Wesleyan Assurance

Best Business Support

  • Jamie Derrick – Capita AXA
  • Lorraine McMaster – Capita CLPSI
  • Marie Broughton – Capita Local Government Business Services
  • Roger Salton – Capita TV Licensing
  • Margaret Warman – The Co-operative Bank
  • Nick Reynolds – The Co-operative Bank
  • Laura Moss – Geoban
  • Alexandra Zollerova – ING Bank N.V.
  • Oli Harrex – Legal & General Insurance
  • Kerry Doyle – LV=

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