Enterprise Workforce Optimisation for the Back Office
Delivering guaranteed improvements in operational efficiency, customer service and compliance
Transform your back office today!

“The most complete purpose built back office software with more functionality ‘out of the box’ than any other vendor”

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Operational Intelligence Software Suite
Operational Management Methodology
The eg operational management methodology underpins our accredited implementation, training and support services
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Guaranteed Operational Improvements
Our solutions guarantee 20% – 40% operational efficiency gains whilst improving Customer Service, Operational Efficiency & Compliance
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Operational Intelligence Software Suite

Operational Intelligence Software Suite

The most comprehensive workforce optimisation software suite for back office operations incorporating over 25 years of customer centric development.

Operational Management Methodology

Operational Management Practice & Training

Our proven operational management methodology develops guaranteed benefits and skills transfer with your people in 20-25 weeks.

Guaranteed Operational Improvements

Our guarantee delivers 20% – 40% operational efficiency gains whilst improving Customer Service, Operational Efficiency & Compliance.


Is Robotics the Right Choice for you?Is Robotics the Right Choice for You?

White Paper

This white paper tackles the real issues concerned with choosing what robots should do, and how to control them. It is aimed at organisations who are trying to improve their back office, order-to-cash, procure-to-pay and record-to-report processes, and achieve productivity and service level improvements for their organisations.

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Digital Transformation White PaperDigital Transformation

White Paper

Read the latest major research project into the key drivers of digital transformation. Organisations need to forecast the resources and skills they need, to efficiently allocate work to their increasingly mobile workforce, track customer transactions wherever they go, evidence compliance and evaluate the performance of their teams.

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Are your AML Teams on the money?Are your AML teams on the money?

Industry Solutions

As regulatory pressure increases on financial services companies the back office has a particularly important role to play. Process anti-money laundering alerts faster, manage and monitor all cases in process via a single real-time view, ensure SLAs and AML regulations are met by ensuring cases are reviewed by appropriately skilled personnel.

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Enterprise Workforce Optimisation for the Back Office

What is back office workforce optimisation?

What is back office workforce optimisation?

See how eg are transforming back office operations across the globe and guaranteeing operational improvements of between 20-40% in work, people and process performance without changing existing core processes and systems!

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Life & Pensions

Underwriting | Policy Admin | Encashment and Withdrawal | Fraud/AML | Risk & Compliance | KYC



Claims Management | Loss Adjusting | Underwriting | Policy Servicing | Complaints | Fraud/AML | Risk & Compliance | KYC


Mortgages & Savings

Applications | Savings Admin | Fraud/AML | Debt Management | Complaints | Redemptions | Risk & Compliance | KYC


Retail Banking

Onboarding | Account Admin | Credit Cards | Fraud/AML | Complaints | Redemptions | Debt Management | Loan Admin | Risk & Compliance | KYC


Investment Banking

Portfolio Management | Trading Reconciliation | Settlements | Fraud/AML | Complaints | Risk & Compliance | KYC



New Business | Claims | Premium Management | Health Risk Management | Risk & Compliance | KYC


Central & Local Government

Revenues & Benefits | Housing | Planning | Debt Management | Risk & Compliance | KYC



FTE Performance Management | Risk & Compliance | Contract Adherence | SLA Performance | Real-time MI | Process Monitoring & Improvement | Risk & Compliance | KYC



Account Admin | Complaints | Credit Cards | Risk & Compliance | KYC



Onboarding | Account Admin | Account Switching | Billing | Debt & Risk Management | Compaints | Risk & Compliance | KYC



Account Openings | Account Management | Network Administration | Fault Handling Resolution | Complaints | Social Media Monitoring | Risk & Compliance | KYC



Complaints | Reservations & Bookings | Risk & Compliance | KYC

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